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Dealing with PCOD..

If you’re suffering from PCOD then I’m damn sure you already have done a lot of researches on it. But here I wanna share how it feels to be a PCODian. Im sure when you were first diagnosed with pcod your doctor feels no urgency to let you know all about it. And on internetContinue reading “Dealing with PCOD..”

Falling to the words…

Sometimes the vocals you’ve got aren’t dressed enough to party out with your vibes .. Building a good author’s blog can be difficult.. Many writers I’ve seen do not have clear understanding of what their blogs should be about.. Being a budding writer I count myself in it.. however I’ve been fortunate enough to setContinue reading “Falling to the words…”

The writer’s spot…

To write or not to write … It’s been days, weeks and now months into this pandemic … Each of us are enveloped into different sections these days… It might be your work section, family section, personal section and professional section.. It isn’t possible to channelise your energy equally into these different sections.. The generalContinue reading “The writer’s spot…”

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